Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A few examples of my writing work

Over the last 20 years I've written for a broad variety of magazines, journals and websites. I'm noted for my deep research and slavish fact-checking, and can put together compelling, well-informed copy at pretty short notice. If you want to take a look at some examples of my recent work, then browse on…

Metal Hammer

I travelled to Shanghai in China for Team Rock to experience the music, smells and pure lunacy of the local heavy metal fans. It was quite possibly the most intense and entertaining festival that I've ever had the joy to witness.

Football Weekends

This sport and travel piece was principally based around the surprisingly large Gibraltan football scene, but also gave travel tips for visitors to the area, suggested getaways off the rock, and some tips for the best things to see, do and eat in the wider region, also encompassing Southern Spain and Northern Morocco.


The magazine otherwise known as Folk Roots sent me out to Malta to review the terrific Earth Garden Festival. This piece offers a  guide to the best of the acts on offer over this sunny summer weekend, and gets a bit gushing over the friendliness of this lesser known European festie.

We Love Darts

As the freelance news editor on this lively sport magazine, I was often called upon to come up with features about the history of the game. In this piece, I explore the very origins of the sport's world championships, and offer a blow-by-blow guide to the events of this debut tournament.

Music Milestones

For the first issue of Future Publishing's musical histories series, I was tasked with writing exhaustive examinations of the making of a number of early Pink Floyd albums. This includes notes on the recording process, the album's historical context and suggestions of the band's variously fragile states of mind at any given time. In this piece I looked into the making of their soundtrack album, Obscured By Clouds.

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The Quietus

As a quiet aficionado of the Eurovision Song Contest, I'm frequently asked to provide content for a raft of magazines and websites. As such I provide the Eurovision previews for Heat magazine, report from backstage for Popbitch, and have provided features for publications as varied as BBC Online, HMV Choice, Mass Movement, and many of the specialist websites across the continent. In this piece for the leftfield music site I take a musical trip around the strange and freaky performers who never quite made it to the big show.

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The Musician

I have a regular gig on the Musicians' Union's member magazine The Musician. While there I write everything from obituaries to advice articles, news items to interviews and lots more besides. This particular piece was in interview with Benji Webbe, singer of the Welsh ragga metal band Skindred.

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